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Hi Fillie,

I know exactly how you feel, it is very confusing with lots of mixed I formation available to us. It really is a case of; what works one person won’t necessarily work for another. But the basic principles are the same for everyone – eliminate yeast, ALL sugars (maybe some fruits can be re-introduced later) and no dairy or fungus. The rest of it may depend how bad your candida is, and you will get more in tune with your reactions to foods.
I really don’t believe we need to be on this diet forever, but you will need to eat with consideration. I also think that, for me at least, the harder I’ve worked to get rid of it, the more I’ll think about what I’m eating in the future!
Last summer I felt very depressed about not being able to eat lots of yummy summer fruits, and did slip up and eat too many at times. This summer, I don’t want to risk it.
I have recently come accross this website which has a symptom assessment questionnaire, and recommends you do it regularly to assess your progress. It has made me feel really positive today as my results were for very mild candida.
I don’t know what your symptoms are and how they affect your life, but I had really painful stomach cramps and extreme tiredness, a desire for wellness and energy was enough to keep me going on. Now you know that you have candida, you can decide to commit to getting rid of it when you’re ready. In the meantime you will no doubt be noticing more how you react to certain foods and can eat a bit more mindfully.

It’s not fun, but just focus on the result you want.