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Hi, thank you for your reply. I guess it is about accepting how things are and just make my own decisions and choices. I need some help on something though, if this is the appropriate place to ask. I ve been taking for 4 days now odourless garlic and I had some reaction to it the first two days (diarrhoea) but now I am ok. I have also reintroduced yogurt (cow’s yogurt) but it made me feel a bit weird in my stomach, bloated and felt very heavy. Yesterday i had some salad with potatoes and today I have kind of thrush symptoms (itchiness). What happened? Does this mean that i need to avoid these foods or is this a normal reaction of my body to foods I havent had for some time? Are 2 foods or 3 too much to reintroduce within a week? But again, I am aware that this website says that one die-off symptom is recurring vaginal infection so I am not sure which is it?

Any ideas?
Thank you for your support