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Hello, Fillie.

I imagine most Candida sufferers can remember feeling like you were when you wrote that. I can’t really remember it, but I’m sure I had my days. Today, I’m without a single Candida symptom, seriously, not one. I’m still on what I guess you would call a low-carb diet, but only because I intend to stay 100% healthy for the rest of my life, plus, there’s no way I would take a chance on the Candida coming back.

Learning to live with the diet was definitely one of the most challenging changes I’ve ever faced, but it’s definitely possible. In fact it’s possible to even come to the point like myself where I decided that this is the way I ‘want’ to live, meaning a much healthier life style because of the foods I choose to put into my body.

Of course, you were right with your comment, “… different opinions on the duration of this diet on what to eat and what not to eat.” So true, but anytime lots of people have the same disease there are going to be many different opinions as to how to cure it, as well as different responses to foods, supplements, etc. Look at the common cold, lots of people will tell you to definitely get to a doctor as soon as possible, others tell you to eat Grandma’s chicken soup and feed a cold but not a fever. Still others will tell you to take mega doses of vitamin C to knock it out. Do all of these opinions keep you from seeking your own cure? Of course not. So you have to think of this disease just the same as any other illness.

Remember that people with Candida are not all alike, and everyone will have different reactions to different foods and cures – again, just like any other illness.

Do your own experiments like a lot of us did. Soon after I started the diet I learned that if I really wanted to cure this thing, I had to be 100% serious about my diet for at least the next year or longer. That’s how important it was for me to be able to say that I no longer had Candida. So my response was to cut out everything that I felt may be able to either feed the Candida or to build a comfortable environment in which they could thrive. What I did to accomplish this was nothing more than common sense. I did a little studying into foods that I wasn’t already that familiar with and used the knowledge I already had for foods that I had eaten for many years.

The following was my conclusion, and to start with, I can actually use a direct quote from Neeky’s post: “… eliminate yeast, ALL sugars (maybe some fruits can be re-introduced later) and no dairy or fungus.”

That’s it in a nutshell, and a very basic starting place. Very simple if you ask me, and easy after just a little research.

All sugars: So what does that mean? Does it mean any food that can and will turn into sugar once it’s in our body? Of course it does. I’m talking about such things as white potatoes, carrots, sweet peas, corn and corn products, pasta and rice.

Foods that contain yeast: Of course that means wheat products, ALL wheat products.
By the way, distilled white vinegar involves fermentation with yeast, so this will feed the Candida. Another ‘hidden’ enemy is regular table salt such as Morton’s. If you look at the ingredients of a box of Morton’s table salt, in all probability you’ll see the word “Dextrose” included. This of course is nothing but glucose, a simple sugar which will feed Candida. A good sea salt such as Celtic or Himalayan sea salt is perfect, having more minerals and contains no Dextrose.

Dairy products: Kefir is a exception, so is plain Organic Greek Yogurt, sparingly in the first few months, as long as it causes no reactions. Contrary to what a lot of people think, eggs are not a dairy product since dairy refers to the products of the mammary glands of mammals. Butter of course is one of these. Eggs can be a main staple item on the Candida diet, especially when a lot of us react negatively to red meat and even chicken unless it’s organic.

I missed bread – a lot, even though I never ate that much of it on my regular diet. However, without any other type of carbohydrates, I thought about it often when I was eating a meal. So what I did was go in search of a suitable substitute, which turned out to be coconut flour. Now I make coconut flour loafs as well as biscuits every few days and love it. It contains lots of protein and fiber, and is very filling.

Two words to remember on this diet are “Experiment” and “Search.” They’re pretty self explanatory.

You can get out of that funk you seem to be in if you just decide to climb out and get to work on your cure, you already know that no one can do that for you. Make the decision to beat this SOB that has your body held captive, then take the necessary steps to do exactly that. Also know that people here on the forum are always willing to listen as well as answer your questions with the knowledge of ‘their own experience’ …. that’s important to remember and accept, because it’s all that any of us have to offer. Also try to keep in mind that the experiences and therefore opinions are going to differ, sometimes greatly, but that’s because we’re not clones and all from one mold.

Talk to us.