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Hi, again, Fillie 🙂

When you say you are in Stage 2, do you just mean that you finished your 2-3 weeks in Stage 1 or do you mean that, symptomatically, you felt you were ready for Stage 2? This website and diet are very useful, I think, but one of the biggest drawbacks is this concrete time frame they give everyone to follow. 2-3 weeks in Stage 1 may well be enough for a few folks, but most are going to need longer. I know that’s going to frustrate you, given you already expressed a good bit of annoyance at all the differing info. I’m sorry about that. If you mean that you’ve been in Stage 1 for a while (longer than a month) and felt like you could manage a few reintroductions based on reduced symptoms, I’d say your “reaction” means potatos are still too starchy for you. The yogurt “reaction” could mean any number of things. Personally, I would wait another week before adding any new foods, then I would – *if* your symptoms are significantly reduced – reintroduce only 1 new food per week, going very slowly and paying careful attention to your body.