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Hello, Fellie.

In my last post I wrote to avoid “all sugars” – including any food that can and will turn into sugar once it’s in our body. This includes white potatoes.

What I’ve said basically in that is that white potatoes will change into a sugar once they’re digested. If you know anything about what sugar does for Candida, you know that it becomes a meal and allows the Candida to multiply, which, as you saw, leads to intensified symptoms.
Even in stage 2, sugar (doesn’t matter if it started out as a potato) is the last food item I would want to test.
Other than feeding the infestation in your system, another thing you’ve accomplished is a test to see if the infestation is still going on in your body, and obviously it is.

Can you tell us how long you were on stage one of the diet?

The digestive problems were apparently caused by the garlic and yogurt. If you don’t already have it, be sure to purchase plain organic Greek yogurt only. Also, when you start eating something for the first time, like the yogurt, take it slow; I’m talking “very” slow. The first time I tried Greek yogurt while on the diet, I took something like 2 teaspoon-size bites. After two days I moved up to 3, and so on. At this time I’m eating about three bowls a day with no problems.

As far as how many foods to introduce in a week, I suppose that’s a matter of opinion and choice, but I have to agree with Hope as far as just one a week goes. When I was on a diet of nothing but eggs and green vegetables, I eventually started testing just one new food item each week, and discovering that I could eat it without a reaction kept me happy for quite a while. Testing one item every 5 to 7 days should insure that you know exactly what’s causing a reaction should that happen.

Concerning the website that says one of the die-off symptoms is recurring vaginal infections, I’ve never read that before, but it really doesn’t seem to make much sense. As far as I’m aware, vaginal infections happen when the environment of the vagina changes because of yeast, hormones, antibiotics, sexual intercourse, or other means.
Maybe someone else on the forum can help you out with that, but I’d be very interested in knowing on which website you found that information.

You’re doing great by the way, all you have to do is focus on what you’re doing “today” and not worry about tomorrow or next week.