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Fizzlex brings up some good points. While this is great news ruffian, I think a lot of us should look at larger goals than just killing the yeast. For instance, if you continue to chew your food poorly then this will benefit the bad bugs once again. If you digestion becomes sluggish then you can become ill again quite quickly. If you have leaky gut syndrome then this drug might not cure you at all because you need to heal the holes in your gut. And if you have heavy metals, then this doesn’t address one of the causes of the problem.

However I think its something you should try once your digestion has improved and you might want to do something that will completely eradicate it once you are doing good and want to give up. Its a long battle and sometimes there are stuff out there that can allow you be your healthiest faster.

I am considering it down the road but am more interested in a treatment that prevents a relapse (which is what my naturopath is doing). One thing a lot of people deal with after drugs like this is they break down and the yeast comes back again and I want to prevent this from happening as much as possible. Dvjorge knows about the stories but it happens quite often.

Good luck ruffian and hope you can live normally and the yeast doesn’t come back.