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dvjorge wrote: Guys,

I answered a post in Curezone linked to it.

Kefir is a good drink. It is well known by its benefits releasing stomach discomfort , helping the environment of our native flora, and more benefits. I am not against Kefir. I am planning on using it for the rest of my life in the future. ( I don’t drink it now )

Please, for the love of god, Kefir ISN’T an antifungal. Kefir DON’T kill candida.

I would like to see a serious scientific article about it.

Kefir has Casein, Lactose, and Yeast. 3 top allergens for CRC sufferers.

Kefir Culture is a combination of bacterial species and yeast species living in perfect harmony ( like McCartney’s son Ebony and Ivory )

How is possible that someone think the bacteria present in Kefir kill yeast ?

This is a nonsense spreaded in the web like many other I am tired of mentioning.

If the bacteria present in Kefir are antifungal, how is possible for that bunch of yeast species to live in the Kefir culture ?? This is something that doesn’t enter in my mind.

The yeast species living in Kefir killing Candida Albicans ?? Dude. S. Boulardii is one of the most beneficial and anti-pathogenic yeast specie known and studied. S. Boulardii releases a significant amount of Capric Acid ( no Caprylic ) but it only INHIBITS candida growth.

Until the bunch of myths present in the web won’t be broken in pieces, candida sufferers will continue their agony.

See the link about Kefir Culture composition. See how many yeast species and bacteria live together, in the same way candida albicans lives in our colon with more than 600 different ones of our own bacteria.

Then, explain me how Kefir can kill candida ??

If you bring a reasonable explanation and some scientific study proving it, I may believe it.

Kefir may help to create a favorable environment for our native flora dominates.

Kefir ISN’T an antifungal. We need to defend ourselves against the myths.


Other than stating kefir isn’t an antifungal I don’t really get the point of the post (no offence).

Are you saying it isn’t beneficial to candida?

If so, what about coconut water kefir, that wouldn’t contain lactose or casien, just the yeast?