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raster;25412 wrote: If you have any allergies it is likely caused by leaky gut. There are certain allergies that take longer to get over from my personal experience and it includes molds, dairy, and sugar. I am also allergic to “processed” foods and most low quality non-organic foods.

I also feel that leaky gut does not cause joint pain; joint pain is caused by a totally different process and is likely related to having a candida infestation in general. Most people in western society lack minerals due to demineralization and this is more likely the cause of the joint pain and not leaky gut. Leaky gut more has to do with allergies and holes in the intestines and not necessarily aches and pains. If you do have leaky gut, you likely are not absorbing the minerals and nutritional benefits of the food you eat, and this could thus lead to achy joints and other problems such as hair loss. Its a malabsorbtion problem in other words.


I read through all of this thread. Raster, I feel your explanation makes the most sense to me regarding joint pains and these types of issues. I used to have the joint pains, but now I just have snapping and popping joints.

Does anyone have an opinion regarding wether the snapping and popping joints are related to this same problem?

ALso, I had a reaction to kefir the other day. My head became slightly foggy a few minutes after consuming it. The strange thing is I have been eating the Kefir for more than 3 months and never had a reaction previously.