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Thanks for bringing this up Jorge.

I did a trial of T3 (called cytomel in the US) in the summer because nothing else was budging my symptoms.
My constipation disappeared, my bloating was down 70%, my burping was down 90%, my energy was 50% improved. That tells me something.

I don’t have thyroid autoantibodies though. I’ve tested for it several times.
I’ve been wondering if my thyroid receptors aren’t accepting the T3 well so taking extra helps.

I don’t know how for my case but this seems to be a huge factor.

I have also learned that antibiotics kill by inducing oxidative stress. My digestive problems started after a round of IV antibiotics. I’ve been thinking my problems may be more related to that than the candida.

My hypothesis now is that the antibiotics caused a lot of oxdiative stress including stress to the thyroid. This allowed an overgrowth in the upper gut which itself produces oxidative stress, thus perpetuating the problem.

I continue with the enemas as well.

For adrenal/thyroid ifnormation I really like ‘stop the thyroid madness’ and Paul Robinson