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It’s been really nice to read this thread. I’ve just been walking around town wondering if I will ever beat this thing. Feeling rather alone in my suffering. This is really difficult, we are surrounded by food everyday that we can’t have. I find I get hungry every few hours so I always need to prepare food in advance. Sick of veggies and meat- I hear ya!

Avocardo- the drinking alcohol thing is really tricky! God dammit. I could really do with a drink. If I am in an amazing mood (rarely due to Candida!) I can go out and just try to relax and not think about the fact i’m not drinking, if anything I put on a slight hyper act- sounds crazy I know but I find if I start acting silly and crack bad jokes I enjoy myself much more.. I also like to think of it that if I can have a fun evening without drinking, I am really benefitting more socially than those who drink, when you drink and socialise, you kind of turn into someone else and don’t remember the conversations the next day. If you can be sober, funny, and have fun well, that’s pretty good. However obviously there are days you don’t feel like this and they can suck!

I think the best thing you can do is experiment with recipes, focus on what you can have instead of can’t. But yeah, i’d really love to meet someone who has had Candida for over 6 months and can now eat “normally”… It seems most people who have fully beaten it never had it that long to begin with… But I don’t lose hope. I think as more and more people suffer from this someone will come up with something that cracks it. Might be a while, but it will happen…

It’s a shame we’re all so spread out, as we could totally meet up and have a Candida friendly dinner party :p