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Well you might want to go a few routes. One route is you could go on the internet and get advice on supplements that will help you. However no one online is a naturopathic doctor that can give medical grade advice…or a medical plan.

So you could then go to a naturopath or specialist doctors that know about yeast and how to treat it and have 20-30 years experience treating it as an alternative. This costs a few hundred per month on top of whatever the co-pay is or appt. costs. Many can treat remotely across regions or countries.

You could also do more experimental treatments that I have listed here:

And you should also consider testing. You might have something similar to yeast such as sibo, h.pylori, microbes, parasites, etc. If you get a definitive diagnosis then you could have a more appropriate plan potentially.

As far as diet, maybe you should aim for a stage 2/3 diet and slightly indulge in good foods. They don’t have to be sugar laden, but maybe some fruit, coconut water, etc (healthy slight cheat item). You can also get creative with the diet if you know how to do it. For instance, explore ethnic foods from india, ethiopia, greece, iran, etc. There are some mexican foods that are not too bad for the diet. Chinese food is pretty close to being on the diet (just ask for no MSG and find a place that can do this).

I personally cheat a few times per week/month and really enjoy it when I do, but then go strict most of the rest of the time.