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Able900 wrote:
There’s a reason for everything that the ‘experts’ suggest on the forum. In this case, one of the byproducts of animal-protein-metabolism is ammonia which is generally toxic to the human body, so it creates an added workload for the liver which is already being overworked by the Candida toxins and these Candida toxins already include additional ammonia. This is saying that Candida albicans produce ammonia gases on their own in your body which benefits the environment for the Candida.
In other words, ammonia is a benefit as far as making your intestines more
hospitable for Candida albicans to thieve and multiply. Every time you eat meat protein, you create additional ammonia which poisons your liver and body in general and creates a beneficial Candida environment. The higher the protein content, the more ammonia is created; this is why anyone on a Candida treatment should try to eat organic eggs more often and organic fish or fowl only a few times a week.


I was in BAD shape when eating meat daily, sometimes red meat 3x’s a day. The worst pain I’ve experienced since getting ill in 2003 – bloating/gas. Able explained the ammonia gas and slowly through limiting meats my body is starting to slowly recover. Was a MAJOR set back.

Numerous chain reactions beyond ammonia gas from body stress/pain, etc. have taken a LONG TIME to attempt to sort out. It wasn’t worth the risk…..

Please people, listen to Able on this one.