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Yes – the social aspect is probably one of the hardest parts 🙁 Like shayfo – I’ve had a gluten allergy and been vegan for awhile, but also am in a foodie-type community where people are weird about the candida diet. I get a lot of “Oh man, I’m so glad I’m not you” type comments, which hit me really hard, as well as “Good on you for eating healthy,” which I also hate because it seems like it’s a fucking choice, when it’s actually either do this or literally die (I was making plans to kill myself before I found out I had candida and that I could eventually get rid of it, because I couldn’t face a lifetime of being terrified of getting sick from every food I tried to eat.)

Anyway, I just stopped going to food-oriented events. It sucks, but I remind myself it’s temporary, and in a year or whatever, I’ll be able to go to them sometimes and not have to think about it. For now, it’s too much of a trigger for me to have to explain myself and hear responses and see everyone eating everything I want but can’t have. My boyfriend is also not super supportive either, he doesn’t really get it and is just kind of an emotionally detached guy, so it’s extra difficult sometimes.

This forum literally has saved my life. I also started up a Facebook group called “We’ve got GUTS!” for some friends and I (and whomever else wants to join) to talk about our GI issues in a more informal way. I have one friend in town going through the same thing, so we vent to each other a lot and it’s nice to know someone out there “gets it”. My other friends and I don’t hang much anymore because candida has kind of become my identity. It sucks, but since it’s so pervasive into everything in my life, that’s just how it is for now 🙁