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Kag;34944 wrote: Yeah Alex, it seems particularly hard for the men in my life to “get” this problem. I am not sure why… If I say, I can’t kiss you because my lips hurts so much, you would think they would get it eventually. Smh… I don’t know if it is sexist, but my brother gave me crap about it too, said I was jumping on a bandwagon. Jerk! I really, really, really wanted to go into graphic detail with him about the whole uti, yeast/lip problem but I didn’t. As for my boyfriend, it seems that all he cares about is that when I feel bad, he doesn’t get any. I know that is harsh but that is the way it feels sometimes. I try to be a good girlfriend but it just makes me so mad sometimes how people are so non-empathetic! Yet when they have a problem, you better be willing to listen to them!

Well, I’m a guy, so we are not all bad 😉 But yeah, I don’t get it. I feel like if my bf was to get a disease that required special care, I would be researching 24/7, doing the diet with him, going on special shopping trips, whatever, so that he would get better, because I love and care for him. He’s just sort of more concerned about reading about his hobbies online and eating whatever he feels like, whenever he feels like. Since I started the diet, the only meal we have eaten together (and we live together) is one night when I asked if he wanted some salad because I had a giant box of it that was starting to turn. It really bums me out 🙁 I know it’s really hard to be with me, but if you love me, you get the whole package :p