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I guess the moral to this story is, God help us from well-meaning people… 😀 Yeah, Shayfo I understand what you are saying. The thing is, because this involves food, nobody really “gets” it. They act like this is some sort of choice that I am making which obviously it is not. They think it is a choice because it involves food. If it was insulin or heart medicine they wouldn’t question it, would they?

Right now, it just isn’t fair to myself to go out to eat with anyone. I could see it maybe in a few months as a treat… But not right now. And that is the thing no one gets. My boyfriend actually want me to go to O’Charley’s because he had a gift card. Well, everyone knows one of the best things about O’Charley’s is their bread… seriously, smh.. So I say this to him, that I won’t be able to eat anything good and he says “Can’t you have a salad?” I want to tell you all how proud of me you should all be that I did not commit homicide. 😀

I have been seriously considering ending my relationship with my boyfriend because he just isn’t empathetic. He has always been that way but this situation has made it worse. He is a good guy but I don’t think has ever needed or gotten emotional support so he figures why would anybody else need it? I think that he thinks that it is “babying” people to empathize.

I can understand people not wanting to hear about it all the time. I am trying to cut back on the diet talk. But of course, when you first change your diet, it is all you think about. I am trying to cut back on talking except when I find a great new product or a recipe. I have always been a bit of a hypochondriac and talk about my health too much so I am trying to cut back on that… The thing is, I wonder how many of my problems can be attributed to yeast and wish I had figured this out sooner.

I think it is hard when you don’t have friends or a husband to upkeep friendships with other people. At least I have found that… Everybody always has so much to do that they don’t have time to get together and then if you add in the dietary restrictions and fatigue, then you are pretty much screwed. Thanks for letting me vent! I had kind of a rough day, intestines are freaking out a bit…and it is hard to work.