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Those are some really good points Shayfo, it is hard for me I guess because eating has always been a joy. My friends already have to put up with my depression, I just feel bad for them sometimes. 🙂 And it does make it hard to make new friends. I have completely no problems at work since one of my jobs is part-time at a food Co-op. I actually helped a lady today who was newly on a gluten-free diet find some stuff that she could eat and gave her some cooking tips, that felt pretty good. 🙂

Hey fixme, try to stay on the diet as long as possible. I did it for just two months and then went back to my regular food although less sweets and my lip rash came back. My lips were never completely healed I don’t think… I think they just felt a bit better. The weird part about this is I haven’t ever had thrush. I had angular chelitis last year which I got rid of with the cream and the diet. The lip rash/swelling starting ocurring at roughly the same time and has been a lot harder to get rid of. I could take diflucan but I am at a point in my life where I am just tired of taking medicine all the time. Like Mrs. Candida said, you have an opportunity to change your diet now so that maybe this won’t happen again. 🙂

I never really thought about yeast until someone at work mentioned it. I have been pretty low energy for the last ten years and I have always LOVED sugar. I have had cancer and two surgeries that make it easy for me to get Uti’s. I have had multiple UTI’s per year for the last ten or so years and therefore lots of antibiotics. I had my first yeast infection when I was twelve so obviously I am predisposed. Strangely enough, I have not had a vaginal yeast infection for over a year. That is why at first I thought this was an allergy, but it seems to have no rhyme or reason. So I really have had this for almost a year, the lip rash anyway but the problem with yeast a lot longer.

Hey and here is another positive. I was talking to a customer today about my diet. A very sweet man married to someone with MS. He said that I had never looked better! Pretty cool, eh?