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We follow a strict version of the diet here on the forum. Email Able900 if you want a copy.

I’ve learned to bring my own meals or even just eat beforehand. It sucks, but its only temporary.

I’m going to Chicago all next week for Thanksgiving and I’m bringing my Omega Juicer. I’m baking multiple loafs of coconut bread to last the whole week. As soon as I get there, I will go get organic fresh veggies to juice, and eggs for protein. I’ll pan fry one piece of organic chicken using virgin olive oil on thanksgiving day.

I will tell my young nephews I have some stomach issues, and I’m trying a 1 year diet to get better. I will say it with a smile and they won’t think twice.

And this time next year, I will enjoy turkey and wine, and feel stronger than ever. I promise you that.