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Why don’t you eat wild fish instead? Sardines and tuna in a can are dirt cheap, and the frozen salmon and tuna fillets are cheap in Asda too. That way you avoid pesticides, antibiotics and steroids you’re getting from the meat and non-organic eggs. In one can of tuna there’s over 40g of protein, so with two eggs, some buckwheat or some yoghurt on top of that you’ve got a reasonable daily amount, depending how intensive your work is. If you do an office job, then it’s more than enough.

You can easily get more calories from generous amounts of coconut and olive oil. Pour extra virgin olive oil over your salads and steamed vegetables or add it to soup. Introducing buckwheat, oat bran, coconut products and Greek yoghurt will give you additional calorie/protein-rich options.

Nobody “needs” to eat meat everyday. A lot of perfectly healthy people/entire populations don’t, and that’s probably why they’re healthier in the first place. Too much protein is as bad as too little.