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Healhy wrote: Hello people.I´m in the begin of stage one. Sorry for my questions but I just don´t understand very much the stage one. I mean I know the diet have to be strict like 800 kcal and I know the firts weeks I will feel depressive and hunger.

What makes you think you have to limit your calorie intake? The diet isn’t about calories, it’s about not feeding the Candida in your body. Eat as many calories as you want.

But my questions is after candida die off I will have more energy even I eat only 800 kcal?

If you’re a male, and don’t need to lose weight, I doubt you’ll have much energy if you eat only 800 calories a day.

My diet consist on 1 chicken breast or 1 post of salmon per day because I know that a lot of chicken and fish is not very good. The rest of my diet consist on 4 eggs salads, onions, garlics and some brocolli.

Just add more vegetables and eggs, and you can have avocados and look at the recipe section to get some recipes like coconut flour bread. You can also take coconut oil to help you get the needed calories, plus coconut oil is also an excellent antifungal.