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soon wrote: I like to snack on some oat bran. It takes literally about five minutes to make. Hits the spot better than most things. You could try cooking a bunch of turkey or chicken and then snacking on that with some raw vegetables. Cultured veggies are great if you can get into them. I make cultured salsa and eat it with blue corn chips. today I made amaranth with cinnamon, sea salt and xylitol. It tasted like a giant, soft, cinnamon pretzel. It was so freaking good. I here you about the hunger though. I constantly have this spot that i can’t fill -like an unscratchable itch. So I throw the beast some cinnamon and xylitol and prebiotic fiber and kill that sucka.

I don’t eat turkey or chicken…I haven’t had meat in 15 years,there is no way my digestion could handle it.Various doctors have told me I’d end up in the ER and I believe them.I have had to become fine with fish,I’m not happy about supporting the fishing industry,but I am not fine with supporting the meat industry.
I probably won’t have corn ever again.I’ve had so much digestive pain whenever I’ve had it.That,gluten,dairy,meat,sugar,flours,processed foods are my “never again” list of foods.More like poisons for me.
I’ve been having sliced cucumbers with Himalayan salt.So good! For lunch I made steamed salmon and made it into wraps with collards,sliced vegetables,swiss chard,topped with raw garlic,dipped in olive oil with dried rosemary and basil.YUM!