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princeofsin wrote:

I would recommend getting a juicer and juicing your veg’s. It’s fast and you can drink it when ever you are hungry.

Oh,I have a Vitamix”my baby.” But I green juice every morning,today was kale,celery,flax seed gel,maca,spirulina,chlorophyll..sometimes I don’t feel like another juice in the afternoon.And I often want something salty to keep my blood sugar up,also I think it’s “ladies’ time” for me.In the past I used to crave salt and starches,so I’d roast Yukon Gold potatoes with rosemary and basil in olive oil,then have it with organic ketchup and avocado.Not anymore! I’d always get a sugar high from the starch too…

How long have you been on the diet?
About a month a half.I didn’t do a proper cleanse the first time,just eliminated fruit,then the fungus succumbed to raw berry cheesecake,plus I was having grains and beans.So I haven’t had grains and beans in about two weeks.Not too long,eh?