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Hello Jay,

I have smoked throughout my treatment and all it does is sets back the timeline you expect to get better. I’ve been on the diet for a year and spent a ton of money on supplements. If you were to quit smoking you likely could get better in half the time or a little longer than that or so. Its inflammatory and damages an organ that is very important in detoxing. It also causes oral thrush or contributes to it and basically is feeding candida.

What I’ve noticed is that as you get healthy, you tend to not want to do unhealthy things. So I plan to quit in the 6 months…I’ve been a smoker for the last 15 years more or less and have never quit before. Got down to ultra lights tho, noticed a big improvement from that alone! Half of my life been a smoker, so sad…I’ll get it done, its gettin old.

Just ranting about it.