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My aim in solving my gut problem is for purposes of improving skin quality.
I have seborrhoeic dermatitis and very oily skin.

The best thing I’ve tried so far is a joint win by three things: Doxycycline got rid of the seb derm but didn’t affect oiliness, zero-carb diet greatly reduce both seb derm and oiliness and, lastly, taking a tonne of probiotic with lots of strains (not including strep thermophilus, which is a con).

The first option, doxycycline, is however the worst thing you could do for the long-term because it will exacerbate the gut condition or even create new symptoms entirely. After discontinuation most probably.

Anyway, try this:
1. Find a probiotic with no FOS and no Strep. Get one which actually lists the amount of each strain not just the overall amount.
2. Take a load of it. I mean like 20 capsules per day.
3. Don’t worry that it is expensive because it should only be short term once the new bacteria establish settlement in the gut.
4. Cut out simple sugar from your diet. (replace all fizzy drinks with their diet variation and don’t drink fruit juice or eat fruit)