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I would eat the chicken breasts only twice a week if it isn’t organic.

For the time being, and for at least three or four weeks, I would leave out the brown rice as well.

The only other possible problem I see on the list you made is the salt. If you’re using regular table salt, such as Mortons, look at the ingredients, if it contains “Dextrose” you should not have it at all as Dextrose is a sugar which will feed the Candia. Hopefully you can find a pure sea salt such as Celtic – and be sure to look at the ingredients. It shouldn’t have any ingredient other than sea salt.

You mentioned raspberries; I would eat these perhaps no more than twice in a week. If your symptoms do not improve at all, you should stop them altogether.

Concerning what you’re drinking; water is of course the best choice for any health-based died, especially Candida, but you could also drink lemonade made from real lemon. For sugar, use either Truvia or pure Stevia extract (no other type of Stevia).