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Vegan Catlady
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Just my perspective,not looking to debate my experience with posters that might disagree <3

I promise you are not losing weight from lack of meat protein.

Its not what we put in, its what we absorb.

Before getting sick, I was a fan of of .
I have talked to some of these guys/gals on Facebook, they are extremely motivating and clear in their explanations for why they excel without meat.

When our bodies are excreting/absorbing properly, you can eat a completely plant-based diet and gain like crazy. When we have issues with either, we have to consume more which just exacerbates the problem until disease presents itself.

Candida can screw up both elimination and absorption, so how bad is your candida situation?

I ask because I can easily get way too much protein eating beans and lentils, quinoa and occasionally soy.

Im not debating with anyone whether they should eat these foods with candida, I only know that I can eat these foods at this point in my journey without any reaction at all.
No digestive issues, but I do notice that when I eat too much protein I get dehydrated.

Drinking water doesnt help the kind of dehydration you get with excessive protein intake, because the water just gets used immediately to metabolize the protein and work it through the kidneys. the kidneys get worked hard regularly and then they stop filtering so well.
You see it in under-eye darkness.

Lymph moves when there is enough interstitial fluid ,
“Interstitial fluid consists of a water solvent containing sugars, salts, fatty acids, amino acids, coenzymes, hormones, neurotransmitters, as well as waste products from the cells.”
But lymph becomes stagnant when there is acidosis present.
Acidosis can be temporary or chronic, but it was explained to me that it is encouraged by meat consumption and cooked foods and stress.
Acids, like heat, cooks. Lymph nodes can solidify, swell.

The plan would be to limit meat consumption while at the same time consume foods that hydrate the body without requiring water to digest. Atleast temporarily.

While I dont follow his lifestyle exclusively, Jeff Sekerak had a great ebook out called Confessions of a Superfit Vegan which I read in the beginning for the lifestyle tips.
At the time I read it, I didnt have overgrowth , and I now find it interesting that he did mention the overgrowth of fungus when your lymph isnt moving.
Exercise alone doesnt move it,he says. He is a big guy,bodybuilder, and at the time I was impressed by his ability to put weight on in muscle eating raw.

So anyway, we can go on indefinitely taking things for every symptom that comes up, but it might be easier to just consume a diet that lets the body heal itself.
Cleavers and echinacea help to clean the lymph, and good hydration and fruit “pull” or move the lymph, I know of some excellent lymph tinctures and teas if you want the names let me know, but all of this wont get rid of the problem if meat is more than 10% of total calories.

Hope this helps.