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Thanks for the advice Raster, but I’m already doing some of those things.

– I’ve been having probiotics (30billion x1 a day) since mid-October to great effect.
– I had stopped taking so many SF722 capsules, since like November. I reduced them from the max daily dosage to a maintenance dose of 4 a day. Was working fine.
– Glutamine I have lots of packets ready to use, but reluctant because of thir benefit to the candida which I have heard from Dvjorge. Would love to try them though
– I have been on Betaine HCL after every meal for months. I have been having swedish bitters with every meal that contains eggs, if not I get tummy troubles the next day.

So for an update:
– Started nettle leaf tea since 28/03. Feeling about 20% better already
– Gave up greek yoghurt since 26/03. Seen no benefit other than slightly less sinus pressure and mucus production
– Upped SF722 from 4 to 6 per day. Getting less post nasal drip after meals.
– Eating smaller meals to help nutrient absorption. I used to do this for the first few months on the diet until November. Back then, just like now, it is making me more constipated because the lack of larger meals means no bulk to push through, and it just dries me out. Even with lots of water. I’m even noticing fermentation setting in, with more gas. I cannot go back to this whilst at University. I need help.
– Reduced my sugar intake from the biscuits I made (using gound almonds), no yoghurt, smaller meals with less natural sugars (nothing illegal other than the two above). Still have severe thrush and annoying anal itching.

It is such a balancing act. I just don’t know what to do (more supplements, eliminating foods…). It may have been that I weakened my immune system by going back to the gym.

I need to address the constipation though.

Hoping to remain steady until I graduate in June. I’ve been treating myself since the start, was feeling great from end Jan-start March. I am going to have to see a naturopath here in London, because I don’t have anywhere else to turn to.

Any suggestions I’d much appreciate.