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Vegan Catlady
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Your welcome.

All Yogi- Detox teas, Echinacea Support, and Skin Clearing are especially helpful for candida, but will not move lymph if there is acidosis. They will not be strong enough, but you can try (cant hurt). Double-up on the bags per cup, I did before I got my tinctures.

Your symptoms will clear up once you can eliminate what your body wants to clean.
Your symptoms are showing me that your elimination channels are all blocked/stagnant.

My ND says I can cure my candida without *any* antifungals or probiotics, its a matter of elimination. So far, its working. Just one of a dozen ways to handle it 🙂

add: Ok…so im watching the newest vid by Dr Morse, within the first 10 minutes, all he talks about is lymph,adrenals, swollen nodes,I think it might be helpful (maybe not) but I thought it a coincidence that he began with some things you were asking about.
He even mentioned that a show he was watching on tv compared diets of athletes (Rachel Ray?) and the high protein diet caused weight loss,not gain with added muscle loss and pre-diabetic disposition.
Anyway, I havent even listened to all of it yet (I got as far as 10:38) but I thought I would share: