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Cooking wrote: Hi, My clue to having candida overgrowth is chronic diareah and brain fog – plus, I just don’t feel like dealing with daily tasks. It is a result of taking antibiotics for 3 weeks in Mar/Apr (dental work) and a series of predisone in Jan. (allergies) – 2012. Just confirms, if you want to get sick – go to a Doctor.

I have been in good health and am not a carb junkie, a glass of wine w/dinner at night and otherwise stevia – desserts occasionally. Have my own organic garden so many veggies – protein 1 or 2 X week ahi tuna or chicken. Lots of water.

1. How do I know if my symptoms are passed if I am on a strict diet of the vegetables that I put in a blender? It precludes having diareah – I don’t have a b.m, at all. The only other symptom is brain fog and that comes & goes w/energy level.

2. What is the problem with including antifungals in my strict diet plan – like garlic, coconut oil & caprylic acid – now rather than waiting for stage 2.

3. I’m experiencing stomach aches, nausea & headaches but I’m also in ketosis and those are also the result of cutting carbs.

4. Why does it take so long to get over this? It seems to me once one gets their yeast/bacteria/ph in balance you are well again yet I read so many times how people have been struggling with this for years?

I feel these are simple questions but haven’t found the answers after much research on the web. Lying in bed brings many questions to mind and I appreciate this forum where we can get saliant, straightforward answers.

Hi mate,
how do you know you have candida? You might but you might not. Diarrhoea and brain fog are too typical signs for bacterial overgrowth. Only the unbalance of new bacteria in your guts after a antibiotic cure is enough to that you have these symptoms you are talking about. Check on the net about SIBO and you will see that it has the same sympthoms.

The only way to find out is that you experiment. I did this after feeling worse and worse in the diet. I then found out that eating low fibre stopped my diarrhoea in only 3 days. After the diarrhoea stopped my malnutrition stopped and many many aliments I thought would have been die-off stopped too. Today I feel 60 to 80 percent better and better. If you only have wind, stomach pain and diarrhoea I would not assume straight away you have candida.

You too can suffer from IBS. Why not to assume that too. It has the same symptoms too. The trouble is that if you assume that you have candida and go on the strict diet with high fibre and low carbs you cant get better if you have IBS or SIBO.

If you want to continue fighting candida that is your choice but set yourself a time and say to yourself. If I feel worse and worse with the symptoms and if the die-off doesnt stop after 8 weeks I am trying the SIBO diet for a test for two weeks and if that doesnt work I try the IBS diet for 3 weeks.
Or get a check up from the Lap checking on Candida.

Dont fight a ghost and wonder if you dont get better.

all the best to you