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pomacanthus;51901 wrote: Ps could someone post a link to the idiots guide to DIY keifer? Lol

It’s not so difficult.
You aquire some kefir grains. They don’t sell that in a regular shop, so you’ll have to get it from someone else. (I bought mine on the internet.)
Buy some milk. Coconut milk is preferred, but I hate the taste, so I use goat milk.
coconut > goat > cow
If you buy animal milk, it HAS to be organic. Raw milk is preferred.
Put some milk together with some grains in a glass at room temperature. Cover the class, but leave some opening for some air.
Leave it like this for about 24hrs. The longer it stays, the stronger it becomes. After that, remove the grains (now you can start a new batch, etc).
You have to throw away the first batch, because for some reason it isn’t good. You can drink the second batch.
If it is very sour, it worked!
You can keep the kefir in the refrigerator.
Every month, you have to use animal milk to support the grains.
After a while the kefir culture grows. So you’ll have to much kefir grains. You can either give it away or eat the grains, of course if you don’t think that is disgusting ;).

Edit: The kefir grains will ferment the milk, so if everything goes well nearly all the lactose will be gone. Maybe that’s good to know.