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pomacanthus;51909 wrote: Salmon FYI: I subcontract for the top seafood supplier in my city and have discussed Mercury content at length and in horrid detail because I eat a significant amount of farm raised salmon. Their farm in is Europe and highest quality they have tested their fish and it measures and I quote “thousands of times lower in Mercury than wild caught ” which is a little vague but the owner has assured me I eat the farm raised everyday and not have to worry about Mercury. Point is Mercury content is sometimes overblown by the media, makes a huge difference from farm to farm and the reason the Mercury is lowest possible is because the fish are fed controlled feed (usually from Japan) who have extremely high standards. Now chinese farmed fish are whole different story (fed garbage basically) but thats another post. Lastly the flavor of this farm raised salmon is equal to or better than most of the wild caught Ive had with the exception of Copper River (very seasonal and expensive). Posting this because there is a ton of misinformation regarding this issue and I LOVE my salmon so the short version is:
Depends on the source

I assume that you are referring to aquaculture. These are pretty safe.
And yes, the mercury poisoning from fish is exaggerated by the media. But a lot of candida patients are suffering from mercury poisoning, the reason why you have to be careful with it.