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Akasha;51858 wrote: As for the Nistatin vs organic natural anti-fungals – I’m having the same confusion – should I go for prescription medication, since the all natural approach may take up to a year (if I understood right)?

Or let me pose the question like this: what is the average healing time by diet and natural supplements & antifungals, and what is the average healing time for the ones who take synthesis antifungals like nistatin and diflucan. Does anyone know if this has been approached before on the board?
Also, what are the risks in choosing a treatment with Diflucan / Nistatin? Are there any side effects that you guys who tried them dealt with?

I know one of the most common is developing tolerance. I’ve been prescribed Nistatin to take along with my last antibiotics treatment last year (post surgery, couldn’t help it). Then I kept popping it now and then, when I felt I’m on the verge of a really overgrowth in times of stress and sugary diet.

Also, is it safe to rotate antidfungals?
Someone here said (don’t remember where) that it might only cause the candida to develop a tolerance and come back even stronger and not reacting to it anymore.

Thank you for the thought on GSE no more than 2 weeks – I took it for 2 weeks, 20 drops 98% concentrate thrice a day, along with probiotics (or 1h distance because I read gse can affect the probiotics). Is it ok to take them like this?

As far as sugar is concerned, I think giving it up is easier than limiting – even though it was 10 times easier for me to quit smoking than quitting sugar. Day 4 no sugar right now and almost at my wits end already. It’s very inspiring though to read about people who have been this long on the diet. Such heroes.