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Quote from my friend Will who is recovered junkie

“Sugar is worse dope than heroin” True That brother Will !

I agree with pp that elimination is easier than control. That was downfall on Candida round 1 and I remember the exact moment I fell.
It was in SA and a Apple Fritter called out to me lol that was the beginning of the end of my sugar slide. First it was one treat every couple weeks, then 1 per week, then back to 2-3 week, then one treat daily….ugg better for me to just say no. I do get some sugar from fruit in my shakes
because I can’t stomach a spinach/kale shake with no sweetener whatsoever, I may switch to agave if needed buts that it for me couple small pieces in my shakes to make it palatable, I even force down plain oatmeal now a days.