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Thanks Cheesey! I forgot about activated charcoal! I have still been cramping the past couple days, and I know I am fighting off some demons now. I have settled it down by eating lots of pureed veggie soups, like bone broth, etc.

Able, yes, that was stupid to get that detox regulators; I should have just gotten straight molybdenum, which I received more of yesterday.
Also, I have taken several things from the nd now. Some things are different, but I have been doing a mixture of his and the forum’s protocol. It is raster’s nd, and I have seen some improvement in areas by taken his remedies. This was just a slip-up in my part. I think after this weekend, calming down some more, things will get back on track. Everybody has still got to find their own routine, but I still love and appreciate all the advice from here because I still would not do as well, learn as much, with all yours and raster’s advice!!!