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Hi Jackie!!

Thanks so much for thinking of me… I was delighted to see your post! I know what you mean about the sun & sand… really helps the body & soul doesn’t it? I’m glad your journey went ok but am sad that you had tough times at your parents. It can be very awkward with this diet at someones else place can’t it? No-one fully understands. x

I’ve been meaning to post since we got back from our weekend away (3 weeks ago now!) but I’ve been torn as to how to “report back”! That might sound odd… but basically it went so incredibly well that I was afraid to a)tempt fate, b)get too cocky and c)have my post misinterpretted by newbie who would head for the nearest bar and the all-you-can-eat buffet!

So here’s how it went:- I had rung ahead and asked for a room with a fridge so I that I cuold bring hard boiled eggs, coconut oil, avocado, rocket, sardines, lemons, dressing, tumeric tea – so I knew I’d be ok for lunches, snacks & drinks.

For breakfast the chef made buckwheat bread (I know, incredible! It was yummy too!) and bought organic eggs so I had fried eggs (didn’t chance poached because they add vinegar to the water) on buckwheat toast with coconut oil and drank lemon hot water. (I have been having 1 or 2 cups of filter coffee a week but I find hotel dining room coffee can be a bit insipid and can sit in jugs for a while so didn’t want to waste my quota on below average coffee!)

Because I’d been doing so well and would behave myself fully for breakfast & lunch, I had decided to take a few chances on the evening meals. Friday I had king prawns in a buerre blanc sauce to start(I had tried real butter before and had been semi ok) and then had rack of lamb with a thyme jus for main (I’d had lamb no prob, just keep it once a fortnight and I figured that in a high end place they’d reduce the jus rather than thickening it with something nasty so took the chance). Saturday night we ate in the bar which was a mistake because the choices were so limited… I had calamari (which has some sort of light coating, wasn’t great so hubby ate most of it) and I ordered a steak with onions and it came smothered in sauce. I scraped off the sauce because I couldn’t be bothered to send it back and it was fine but a waste of a “cheat” if you know what I mean! I also had 2 glasses of wine each night with lots & lots of sparkling water to wash it through me!! And on the Saturday we were given a flute of Champagne for Valentines and it would have been very rude to refuse haha!

And you know what?!!! NO reaction, Nada, nix…. not an itchy scalp… no dry hands… no headache… so rash or hives… incredible!! What’s more incredible is since then I’ve been pretty mush sticking to stage 1 still with a few little extras and every few days I get a slight headache or slight itch as my body figures out what it likes & doesn’t like!

I think the key to the weekend though was the absolute relaxation… and that allowed my body to heal and my head to clear. Wwe had 2 full nights sleep (I’m up most nights 4 or 5 times with various children at home), 2 late lie ins, relaxing meals, sitting and reading, a leisurely drive with a lovely walk, a full afternoon in the spa just chilling in the sauna, hot tub, relaxation room… and really really nice time connecting with hubby. Everything went so well, there was no tension, no stress, no-one pulling at us for our attention and we just gave to each other and really re-connected. We’re usually quite good at staying connected and have regular date nights and nights away (with 4 kids we have to really work at finding the time for each other but we’re focussed on keeping that connection because we’ve both had failed marriage before and refuse to let it slip!).

Since the weekend away I’ve been doing really well. As I mentioned before I’ve had a few slight reactions but am getting braver about what I try. It can be hard to get the balance right between figuring out what to introduce so that I can move forward sensibly… and not risking a relapse. I’m perfectly happy sticking to a very strict stage 1 allowed list all week and fully enjoy what I’m eating, I literally don’t miss anything or feel hungry or unfulfilled. But I’m very glad to be at the stage where I could accept an invitation to dine at someone’s house or take a chance when out at a restaurant and not feel like rubbish for days after.

We’ve booked a break away in Portugal, just the 2 of us in May!! We’ve chosen a private villa for a week so we can get total solitude as well as my own kitchen so I can stick to the diet… and then for the last 2 nights we’ll move to a hotel and at that stage it won’t matter if I eat out and chance a few nasties because we’ll be nearly home! My main challenge will be the luggage weight allowance going over beacuse I’ll take my own coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and even pre bake bread and bring that over (and slice & freeze it when I get there). It will be easier to do that than bring all the ingredeints and trust a strange oven etc. We’ll book a transfer service to take us via a supermarket to stock up one the day we arrive and hopefully we won’t have to leave the villa for the entire week! Bliss!

Thans again for thinking of me and checking how I got on! Several times I’ve sat down to post an update but I just didn’t know what to write!

How are you doing?