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I would suggest coming off the pill personally. The private specialist I went to see told me to come off it straight away. It can be a cause and can probably also prolong your recovery.

I was on the pill and I came off it straight away! I’d been on it for 8 years (on and off – mostly on!) and am having to ‘be careful’ as I am also sensitive to latex.

The option I will possibly consider is the coil. However, I don’t want to go down that route yet due to recurrent, internal thrush. But, when the candida is gone (hopefully in the near future!), I will probably have the coil fitted.

I understand you’re worried about getting pregnant and I certainly wouldn’t advise just ‘being careful’ (this has been my own choice) but possibly using alternative contraception would be a very good idea. Just remember, it’s not forever.

Hope this helps.