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I have been taking my probiotics in the morning and at night without food. two hours after eating or three hours after taking anti fungals. That includes my home made kefir ( which makes the store bought stuff seem like crap )and soon yogurt. In the morning I wake up and take my probiotics with a glass of water kefir. I wait about an hour and half to two hours to eat my breakfast. Then I start my antifungals. I take them for lunch and dinner, sometimes before, during and after. Then I wait a couple of hours and have my desert or snack I try to make this with yogurt, kim chi, or something with active cultures. My favorite is yogurt, steva and cinnamon. then I wait two hours and take my last probiotic.

That will change this week for me because I will be starting milk Keifr to go along with my water kefir 🙂 I have so much kefir that I will be drinking it along with my meals as well. Even though I risk losing a lot of the benifits. I dont see how it will hurt. Moreover With water kefir, I can make flavored soda pop type drinks and its better than just the plain water I have been drinking. As long as I am keeping to my taking probiotics in the morning and a night without food. I think I am on the right path.

A couple of things, I started out with store bought kefir and Yogurt. The kefir had 10 strains of active cultures, tasted pretty good with steva and was made from Goat milk. I thought it was good enough but I was wrong. I stopped using it and am switching to home made kefir with 40-50 active goodies 🙂 it really seems like a pain to have to order grains, then care for them but Let me tell you it is not. And if your serious about getting better, it is well worth it. It only takes me about 10 mintues a day to make my kefir.

The Yogurt, I buy The Greek Gods traditional Plain Yogurt that comes in a green tub wth 5 active cultures. They have a plain version that comes in a blue tub but the difference is the green has 5g of sugar and the blue has I think like 9 grams or more. I like this yogurt, Its thick, almost like a cream cheese. But I will be giving that up as well because as with Kefir, the home made will be superior.