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Ashwangda supposedly helps to manage elevated cortisol levels, so it should be effective for anxiety. By “recent events” do you mean unavoidable psychological triggers (e.g. relationship problems)?

I wouldn’t think a short-term prescription would be too harmful if you looked up the details of the particular drug first. Some of them have nasty fillers or ridiculous side-effects. Antidepressants that cause impotence, hair loss, digestive distress and weight gain don’t sound like anything to be happy about.

If the problems are physical or the stress isn’t so major, I’d look for alternatives though. Is there anyone you can talk to about your problems? Exercise brings about positive changes in hormones that can beat stress too. Improving omega-3/omega-6 balance and correcting vitamin D deficiency have positive effects on brain chemistry too. Similarly, make sure you’re getting enough salt in your diet, and if you’re eating less than 50g/day of carbs, consider upping them to come out of ketosis. Others report improved calmness from supplementing magnesium.