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Floggi wrote:  
Skin and eye irritation are common consequences of irritation of your intestinal tract. This may be caused by the enemas themselves.

Posts like this are the reason I asked you to clearly explain “how you think”.

By reading your post it looks like
You are OK if you have die-off as a result of the diet,
But, its not OK with you if you have die-off because of enemas.

If you don’t already know, read something dieoff. Die-off can feel the same way it felt while the infestation actually started.

If you really want to know some thing read this:

What is die-off (Herxheimer reaction)?

When you kill off a bunch of Candida at once, all of the toxins that are currently stored in them are released into your system all at once. As there are usually significant amount of toxins stored in Candida cells, these toxins when released will causes a temporary increase in yeast symptoms (often including new symptoms as new toxins are released), followed by a considerable lessening of symptoms. The technical name for this experience is a Herxheimer reaction ; it is more commonly referred to as “die-off” or “flare-up”. This experience is similar to experience when Candida albicans is growing, such as when you have eaten a “forbidden” food. In both cases, Candida releases its toxins and it is often hard to differentiate whether you are killing it or feeding it.

You can usually tell a die-off reaction, since a die-off:

1.) leaves you feeling better than before it hit you,

2.) does not hit you worse if you take more of the stuff after you begin feeling better.

Don’t give up, either of these means it’s working!”

The previous time you were saying that you aren’t against enemas, but only concerned about the chemicals used in them.

But, now your post looks like you are out right against enemas.

So, if you would like to have a good discussion why don’t stick to a point you believe in, and put it out clearly.
Instead of changing your words from time to time according to the post, just with a goal of winning the argument.

I am clearly saying that I believe in dvjorge.chris24 and people like them who are doing enemas. I am convinced that enemas help in curing the infestation with out having to subject ourselves to a strict/miserable diet. I also know that enemas have been practiced in fields like ayurveda since centuries as a treatment to many ailments.

I agree that what to use in enemas is a point of discussion, and I don’t mean to use all those chemicals in enemas. So, there is no point in an argument about those chemicals.

If you don’t like posts about enemas just say that openly, instead of confusing people with your double standards.

Finally conclude, if you can help out people here you are most welcome to do that. But frightening, discouraging, confusing them just because they aren’t following your way of cure is just