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stovariste;46488 wrote: hi Smitty,

I have no answers to your questions, but want to ask-back :).

How many pills a day, and in what portions are you taking of SF722? I’ve also got SF722 few days backs since I’ve had sore throat problem from VCO.

One more thing, you wrote me on pm’s about your infection, and said you will take antibiotics for that reason. How did that end up?


Hey stovariste! Hope all is well.

I ended up going to the hospital for the 5th or 6th time cause of the blood in my spit and the doctor told me to immediately stop the antibiotics. She didn’t feel my throat was a bacterial infection. She said the reason my throat is so red and raw is from the post nasal drip that I have constantly. So that the biggest reason was my sinuses. Now she couldn’t give me a reason why my sinuses and ears were inflamed but I listened to her advice and stopped the antibiotics.

I honestly don’t think it’s a bacterial infection either. I don’t know if I mentioned to you but I had an incredibly bad exposure to black mold and I was breathing it in for 24 hours a day for almost 2 months straight. I recently left that place for a mold free environment as of last week. Also when I started taking the SF722.

I honestly do not know anymore if my biggest issue is candida or black mold poisoning anymore. I know black mold poisoning can cause candida so that would explain my thrush issues. When I think back to being in that mold infested area I was in and was dealing with pain in my kidneys and super dark urine plus heart palpilations, those symptoms seem to relate more to black mold poisoning than candida. While some have had heart palpilations with candida die off, I don’t see them being anywhere close to what I was dealing with.

While on the SF722, I’ve noticed my thrush has gotten a lot more painful and my throat has gotten way worse. I’ve also noticed my sinus pressure has gotten a little worse and my ears have gotten a bit plugged. Only thing I can figure is this is die off from the SF722 as it battles whatever it is I have. I think it’s also effective against mold exposures as well.

I’m just hoping being in a mold free environment will allow me to finally make some real headway. My symptoms getting worse after taking SF722 does in some way at least let me know that it’s doing something. I’m taking 3 pills a day 3 times a day so a total of 9.