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kodaz2005;31211 wrote:

On here they suggest 6 per day (2 p/meal). I’ve cut down to 1 per/meal, purely because I can’t afford to keep on buying supplements every other week.

I was pleased to read Raster say they are especially good for people with ear trouble, i’ve had load of problems in the past with dizziness – which was diagnosed as labyrinthitis, but since i’ve been treating myself for this, other than the odd spell, my well being has been much improved & I never feel anxious in crowded environment anymore.

Thanks Benc for what is recommended here.

Actually, after I looked I looked the bottle again I realize their instructions are for 5 pills taken 3 times per day. I followed this 2 x already. I did it a couple hours ago and feels like there is a battle going on in my stomach. A strange uncomfortable feeling. Maybe 5 is too many, 3-9 per day would seem better.

I totally hear you on the expense thing. It’s absolutely crazy how much it costs to buy all these pill food, etc to get rid of this.

Yes I noticed that, shame they don’t provide stronger capsules. I was taking 6 p/day in the summer, but I cut them down as I take them every day & rotate olive leaf extract & black walnut extract every week or so. I also eat a large portion of roast rutabaga 2/3 times per day, coconut oil, & brussel sprouts once or twice per week.

I found the most aggressive die off comes from eating lots of garlic.

I hope to taper off the anti-fungal capsules by the end of this winter next year, as that will be my 12 month stage. I will always continue to eat decent amounts of the natural anti fungals though as they are packed with health benefits & taste great. I will consider taking undecylenic acid on going though.