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Able900;43085 wrote:

I respectfully disagree with the idea that all people have to do is treat the candida and be symptom free. Some are lucky enough that that is the case, but many need a much more systematic approach to their bodies healing. Also, why should someone suffer with the effects of low testosterone during treatment? That’s like saying someone should stay depressed until the candida has been properly managed. No, I think someone should take measures (such as taking L-Tyrosine) during treatment to help provide relief.

I don’t know exactly what your point is, maybe you believe that we should immediately tell everyone with ‘any’ problem associated with the Candida to go directly to a doctor today without waiting another second. But that’s not why we’re here, we’re here to share our experience to those who want to listen.

Please show me a post where an expert has stated, “all people have to do is treat the candida and be symptom free.” It sounds like you’re insinuating that all people will be symptom free if they treat their Candida infestation. Again, please show me this post. What we are saying (literally all over the forum) is, and this is direct quote from the forum;

“What is offered here in the protocol and the diet is a Candida treatment consisting of various over-the-counter supplements and a specific diet. It’s not part of a medical procedure which includes any treatments other than a diet and supplements. If you have special problems which may require the assistance of a medical professional, then it is up to you to seek these treatments as they are not a part of this protocol. Neither I nor the other experts on the forum are medical professionals, and therefore we do not have the authority to advise anyone on a treatment which is defined as a medical procedure. All we can do is to offer our own individual experiences and the research that we’ve bothered to locate. If you know or believe that you need medical help, then please seek the consultation of a registered medical professional.”


I don’t want to go tit for tat with you Able. You offer a lot of good recommendations to people.

People can read what I said and agree or disagree with it and as a licensed medical professional I like to share my input.