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Able900 wrote:

thanks, got your email. Will organise the water kefir tomorrow.
Was also thinking about going to a naturopath for some additional help, but not sure…

what are your thoughts? Marama

That’s completely up to you, Marama.
Many people, for example, visit a doctor throughout their treatment; but on the other hand, I never sought any outside advice or treatment other than myself as I’ve always believed that listening to my inner knowledge, which most people refer to as “gut feeling” would pay off the most, especially with this situation which seems so unknown to the medical field (or any other field actually). So that’s exactly what I followed throughout my treatment and cure. Obviously it worked as I’ve been Candida-symptom-free for nearly ten months.

So as you see, it really depends on the individual and what they feel more comfortable with as it’s important to feel comfortable with the treatment even if it included seeing a doctor on a regular basis.


Hi Able,

How bad was your infestation? List of symptoms? Did you suffer from it for a long time before figuring out what it was?