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I would expect that after 7 months you won’t experience too much of the symptoms when you cheat, but after 7 weeks you haven’t had very much to heal the gut. I would plan on having a 6-18 month timeline for recovery and stick to the diet as much as possible for maximum effectiveness. When you cheat, you typically feel pretty bad for a few days with a wide range of symptoms.

Let me tell you my story recently when I ate some corn chips. There was 2 bday parties this weekend and I ate about 15 corn tortilla chips with guacamole at one of the parties. That evening I couldn’t sleep well (because it was hot) and ever since I’ve had a chronic urination problem at nightime. The reason is because I taxed my liver and other organs some causing this symptom by feeding the candida. This symptom is the only thing thats been different for me for the last month or two; it was a pretty clear case of cause and effect.

Inflammation of the gut can cause inflammation of the brain and this is why you are experiencing headaches.