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I too have dry mouth badly from Thrush. I found that spreading greek yogurt all over the inside of my mouth helps, as well as oil pulling with coconut oil 3 times a day, and doing the same with kefir…I also will gargle with it. Plus I drink TONS of water I would say at least 8-10 water bottles a day along with hot lemon water 3 times a day. I always have something to drink because of the dry mouth. After one full month of diet my dry mouth had subsided. However, I keep trying new things that made it come back, walnut, almond, sunflower seeds were the worst. I also tried some rice crackers very bad side affects. All of these things gave me dry mouth. The most recent ignorant mistake…popcorn…from a bar no less. Thus I have dry mouth again. I find the kefir to help the most.

Best of luck to you. Hope my dumb mistakes help guide you 🙂