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I usually have neck and back pain with die-off, but can’t really rate it as severe. Are you sure it’s back pain and not your kidneys (more on the side)? I do have kidney pain as I was stupid and overdid on the antifungal foods and now suffer from tougher die-off.

You should avoid die-off at all cost and read the posts for the correct dosage of molybdenum.

I started on the websites diet but later slowly transitioned to the forum one as I was able to read up on it. Forum’s protocol seems a little slower even though it is more restrictive. From what I was able to analyze, the food that was “cut out” on the forum either has potential of feeding the candida or has been known to cause trouble for some of the candida suferers. So the allowed foods list on this forum contains all the items which were never reported as giving a reaction to anyone here, or it gets marked as “test food item” which means it may or may not cause reaction and you have to figure out your own sensitivity to it.

It’s perfectly normal to be confused at first. It’s a lot of information and soon you go into an overload. Just read on and decide if you are following this protocol or the web site’s.