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Thanks for the clarification, Raster. I have actually been taking the Fiber 3 from NOW, which has no husk in it, with the clay. I have also been drinking several glasses of lemon water a day. At night, I am drinking the website’s hideous and disgusting liver (sorry for the descriptive terms, but that is probably one of the worst things that has ever passed my lips) flush with the garlic, olive oil and ginger. Any idea if that is a good one to do for a while?

I am in Stage 1 now. I shortened the cleanse to 3 days because of my busy lifestyle. It wasn’t working well and I needed more than veggies only to function. On this stage, will Ganoush be an okay dip with all natural Garden of Eatin blue corn chips? The Ganoush is Eggplant, Tahini paste, lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and Coriander Seed. Also, would hummus be acceptable? I’m trying to find something beyond the veggie/egg meal, though that is what I am going to try to have for breakfast and lunch for awhile.

So, you recommend not working out? How about a lighter routine?

Thank you very much for your last response and in advance if you respond again. It is very appreciated!