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Thank you Impossible and Raster. This was scary! I had burning, itching bumps on both sides of my neck, hard to breath and didn’t want an ER trip bill. I stopped everything I was taking/eating for a time and added back in the antifungal tonics last night, no problem. I did stop the almond milk. I use it for everything from creamers, to milk in oatbran cereal etc. I haven’t added it back but rather using coconut milk and so far so good.
What I did notice FINALLY, was that it started getting bad after I ate then would increase to scary.
My skin is peeling from the bumps and they are almost gone. I do hope it’s the almond and am not planning on trying more of it soon. What a journey this is!

I’ll try the quercitin? I don’t like the benadryl side effects and have lost a couple of days over this and very weak. I just thought I would be packed to leave for Thanksgiving yesterday lol! Ha!

Shoving lemon juice with camomile tea, fluids and Bs etc to get some flush out and strength back. Staying on only one dose of the tonics for now.

The journey has been keeping fear down over liver issues and a positive attitude with prayer. Baby steps. I appreciate all of your support, I’ve noticed I’m not the only one who thinks they could be dying from all this stuff intermingled so repair, repair and am being thankful!