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Prizma, olives that are brined only in salt water or olive oil are fine. Most have other additives, so check labels carefully.

Stovariste, honestly, I laughed out loud when I read your response. I feel like my progress has been absolutely stellar! I’m eating new things, feeling really great, and practicing moderation and patience about food for possibly the first time in my life. I feel good about my decision to introduce things slowly, because I’m getting a lot more useful information this way. Imagine if I’d bought a can of mixed nuts, since nuts are acceptable at this stage. After eating a couple of handfuls, I’d probably get sick from the peanuts, but I wouldn’t know if it was them or the hazelnuts, brazil nuts, almonds, cashews, or pecans that made me feel sick. I’d probably assume that I just couldn’t eat nuts at all, which would be shitty :p

I’ve eaten at restaurants twice during the diet. Once, I got an omelette when an out-of-town friend really wanted to go out for breakfast, but I generally don’t buy eggs anywhere but at the farmers market (both because the restaurant obviously wasn’t organic, and also because I was vegan before the diet and don’t like to support commercial animal agriculture). Also, I was paying for toast that I didn’t get, and for cheese that I didn’t get, and that’s pretty silly. Not to mention that they probably cooked it in shitty soy or canola oil. The other time, I got a salad with another out-of-town friend when we were doing touristy things, but it was an $8 salad and I ordered $3 guacamole to use as dressing. An $11 plate of lettuce and cucumber and avocado is sort of a huge waste of money, at least to me. Overall, though, there’s basically nothing vegan and candida-friendly on any menu anywhere, so I don’t go to restaurants. Last time I had a run-in with it, my gluten allergy was still extremely sensitive, so I also generally avoid restaurants for this reason. Just because I don’t order bread doesn’t mean someone in the kitchen isn’t making my salad with their sandwichy hands. Cross-contamination has repeatedly proven to be a concern.