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Well I’m on the second day of my vegetable cleanse and feeling pretty lousy. I’m not feeling hungry or missing caffeine or sugar the problem is that I feel awful as if I’m getting the flu – I have swollen glands, earache and a sore throat. This happened to me before on a detox (where I was actually eating meat) and I think it’s because of the lack of carbohydrate. LR says in her book that cutting out carbohydrate can seriously weaken the immune system and I’m worried that this is what is happening. Has this happened to anyone and else and have they any ideas what I can do to prevent it? What non-starchy veg are high in carbohydrates? I’m sorry to say that I weakened and eat two packets of cheese and onion crisps but I have decided to ignore that an carry on – it could have been worse! It seems a shame to give up now as I have really psyched myself up to go the full seven days.