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I don’t know how much experienced help you’ll receive from this forum as most of the members haven’t used colonics as part of the treatment, and they are advised against using thse by many experts including myself.

Did you research the possible problems that often come with colonics? I’ll mention just a few.

The biggest problem is that you’ve probably washed a huge portion of flora out of your system with the colonics, and rebuilding a beneficial number of flora basically needs to start all over again. Your intestinal tract needs certain bacteria and chemicals to work properly. The colonics can strip the body of those substances it needs to allow your digestion and colon to work properly. This could be what is going on right now with your problem.

It’s also possible for the force of the water pressure or the equipment itself to puncture the wall of your intestine during a colonic. This allows substances from your intestine to enter other parts of the body which can create health situations.

In additoin, the large intestines absorb healthy substances such as potassium and sodium from the food you eat. Colonics can remove too much from our body too quickly which can cause an electrolyte imbalance.

These are just a few reasons of why they’re not advocated on the forum.

The Biocare probiotics appears to contain only 4 strains of bacteria, is that correct? If so, this isn’t near enough strains. The billions will work, but in time you would need to take at least two or maybe three capsules a day considering the colonics. Also, homemade kefir would add more strains. Read the following post for more information about this.